Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum or SSSS, is a device created to influence the subconcious through sending a inaudible frequency to the brain. What occurs is the fact that in the upper levels of conscious hearing, we do not consciously hear the sounds, only sub-conciously. Now what occurs is first a recording of the suggestion is made by a person, then they take that suggestion and then frequency modulate it with a 14,500 frequency to create a inaudible frequency to the conscious yet audible to the sub-concious. The reason why it is inaudible is because the concious mind does not 'decode' the sound, only the sub-concious does and because of this, only the sub-concious recieves the message.

I have coleagues as well as myself who have tested something similar to Silent Sound and it works quite well, if this is of paticular intrest to you, also investigate "sending audible sound with a ultrasonic frequency as a carrier wave". Full details of Silent Sound can be found on the US Patent Website.

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