Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mind Games

How do mind games work, more important what is a mind game? Well mind games are ways in which people entertain themselves through testing a persons ability to manipulate another person, think of it like a chess game, where there are no pieces and nothing is real. Mind Games, when played intensly, distort reality and completly change your view of things for the duration of the mind game. I have often played mind games that have lasted for months and they are most entertaing. Needless to say, mind games really are not a conventional game, their are no rules, nothing is predetermined, it is quite simply a battle of the wits where one tries to manipulate the other.

During one of my mind games, the person I had been playing with had convinced me people were following me and soon I found that shadows appeared like people, ect. This is just a small example of mind games, what they really are is not so much entertainment as they are practice, practicing to survive and thrive in society through adept understanding and prowess in the art of manipulation.

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