Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Invading Privacy RFID

We are on the emergence of a new form of tracking people, it is a simple concept and still in its infancy. Radio Frequency Identification or RFID's are the new way in which consumers and people in general are being tracked. Originally the purpose of RFID's was for security, if you have ever been in a major department store and seen those large rectangular boxes at the entrance, they are not looking for your barcode (how the hell would they scan a barcode if its in a bag?) they are looking for an RFID tag which will identify whether or not the item was paid for. Walmart has RFID's in practically every one of their products now, mainly because it is extremly easy to keep track of inventory that way. But now a new age is upon us, we are now finding that privacy is being breached once again and now they are in your drivers license. Before you ever arrive at that mexican border the border officals will know who you are, where your from, your background, your license plate number and so much more. Now, how could you stop them from reading those nifty little RFID's? well its very simple actually, the RFID comes in two types. Active or passive, if it is active it will always be sending out a signal, if it is passive it relies on another signal to power it, then it sends the information back. Both of these can be foiled with foil.. tin foil that is, those nuts who make the tin foil hats arent doing them because they are fashionable but because they block all radio frequencies, you can stop your drivers license, your club cards and so much more from sending out frequencies by lining your entire wallet with tinfoil, and their good times invading your privacy are over.

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