Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hearing Voices in Your Head?

Their is a way to actually make a subject hear voices in their head through the use of a technology known as "Audible Sound with Ultrasonic frequency as a carrier wave". It is through this that unscrupulous government agencies are able to literatly make people believe they are hearing voices from God. This is a especially dangerous tool for those who have deep and profound beliefs in God for someone who is unethical would be able to convince the person they were doing Gods bidding. Now out of all that, it isnt nearly as scary as the fact that this technology is about 20 years behind what the government is actually able to do. That, unfortunatly is the way things are, the FIOA can only go so far when pitted up against government agencies so anything we do know about mind control is 10-20 years behind the technology they have now.

So the next time you think you are speaking to god.. think.

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