Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Black Science, Dr.Haha Lung

Rating: 10/10

Today we review the book known as the Black Science by Dr. Haha Lung. This book deals with the mental aspects of ninjutsu, its main focus is mind manipulation, which is something all ninja learnt. Ninja would always prefer to win on the mental battlefield before resorting to physical violence and this book describes just that.This book was a treasure to read, it is the sort of book you read more than once though and includes many useful resources of where to go next. The book is a well written, clear and concise tome about mind manipulation, it is one of the most useful ninjutsu books I have ever come across. In the book it describes various methods of winning the mental battlefield, from detecting liars, interrogation, hypnotism to the inner workings of cults. The book is affordably priced and every page is packed with good information, read this book over and over again.

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