Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hearing Voices in Your Head?

Their is a way to actually make a subject hear voices in their head through the use of a technology known as "Audible Sound with Ultrasonic frequency as a carrier wave". It is through this that unscrupulous government agencies are able to literatly make people believe they are hearing voices from God. This is a especially dangerous tool for those who have deep and profound beliefs in God for someone who is unethical would be able to convince the person they were doing Gods bidding. Now out of all that, it isnt nearly as scary as the fact that this technology is about 20 years behind what the government is actually able to do. That, unfortunatly is the way things are, the FIOA can only go so far when pitted up against government agencies so anything we do know about mind control is 10-20 years behind the technology they have now.

So the next time you think you are speaking to god.. think.

Invading Privacy RFID

We are on the emergence of a new form of tracking people, it is a simple concept and still in its infancy. Radio Frequency Identification or RFID's are the new way in which consumers and people in general are being tracked. Originally the purpose of RFID's was for security, if you have ever been in a major department store and seen those large rectangular boxes at the entrance, they are not looking for your barcode (how the hell would they scan a barcode if its in a bag?) they are looking for an RFID tag which will identify whether or not the item was paid for. Walmart has RFID's in practically every one of their products now, mainly because it is extremly easy to keep track of inventory that way. But now a new age is upon us, we are now finding that privacy is being breached once again and now they are in your drivers license. Before you ever arrive at that mexican border the border officals will know who you are, where your from, your background, your license plate number and so much more. Now, how could you stop them from reading those nifty little RFID's? well its very simple actually, the RFID comes in two types. Active or passive, if it is active it will always be sending out a signal, if it is passive it relies on another signal to power it, then it sends the information back. Both of these can be foiled with foil.. tin foil that is, those nuts who make the tin foil hats arent doing them because they are fashionable but because they block all radio frequencies, you can stop your drivers license, your club cards and so much more from sending out frequencies by lining your entire wallet with tinfoil, and their good times invading your privacy are over.

The Black Science, Dr.Haha Lung

Rating: 10/10

Today we review the book known as the Black Science by Dr. Haha Lung. This book deals with the mental aspects of ninjutsu, its main focus is mind manipulation, which is something all ninja learnt. Ninja would always prefer to win on the mental battlefield before resorting to physical violence and this book describes just that.This book was a treasure to read, it is the sort of book you read more than once though and includes many useful resources of where to go next. The book is a well written, clear and concise tome about mind manipulation, it is one of the most useful ninjutsu books I have ever come across. In the book it describes various methods of winning the mental battlefield, from detecting liars, interrogation, hypnotism to the inner workings of cults. The book is affordably priced and every page is packed with good information, read this book over and over again.

Mind Games

How do mind games work, more important what is a mind game? Well mind games are ways in which people entertain themselves through testing a persons ability to manipulate another person, think of it like a chess game, where there are no pieces and nothing is real. Mind Games, when played intensly, distort reality and completly change your view of things for the duration of the mind game. I have often played mind games that have lasted for months and they are most entertaing. Needless to say, mind games really are not a conventional game, their are no rules, nothing is predetermined, it is quite simply a battle of the wits where one tries to manipulate the other.

During one of my mind games, the person I had been playing with had convinced me people were following me and soon I found that shadows appeared like people, ect. This is just a small example of mind games, what they really are is not so much entertainment as they are practice, practicing to survive and thrive in society through adept understanding and prowess in the art of manipulation.

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum or SSSS, is a device created to influence the subconcious through sending a inaudible frequency to the brain. What occurs is the fact that in the upper levels of conscious hearing, we do not consciously hear the sounds, only sub-conciously. Now what occurs is first a recording of the suggestion is made by a person, then they take that suggestion and then frequency modulate it with a 14,500 frequency to create a inaudible frequency to the conscious yet audible to the sub-concious. The reason why it is inaudible is because the concious mind does not 'decode' the sound, only the sub-concious does and because of this, only the sub-concious recieves the message.

I have coleagues as well as myself who have tested something similar to Silent Sound and it works quite well, if this is of paticular intrest to you, also investigate "sending audible sound with a ultrasonic frequency as a carrier wave". Full details of Silent Sound can be found on the US Patent Website.

Basics of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is often a widely discussed field, some believe it to be a lie thanks to the many stage hypnotists, some are unsure and some believe in it. In general, hypnosis is a very simple practice of relaxing the mind and body until they enter into the alpha state. Once entered into the alpha state, they are in a altered state of conciousness, in other words they are conscious yet it is diffrent from regular consciousness. So what is it that is diffrent? well the diffrence is that the hypnotist is able to readily speak directly to the sub-conscious, bypassing the conscious. It is through this that the hypnotist is able to get the subject to do things when asked to do so. Hypnosis is realy a two stage process, the first stage involves relaxing the subject and the second stage involves giving the commands to the subject. Any good hypnotist doesnt directly say, your a chicken, act like one! They instead give vivid imagery and information to make it apart of the subjects reality, and thus hypnosis is accomplished.

Hypnosis has such a wide array of diffrent fields it can be applied to, although the most advanced field is known as clinical hypnosis. Through clinical hypnosis a person is able to undergo surgery without any anesthetics, they can overcome depression by being told to feel better and better with each passing day, it is a bit more complicated than described however the basic idea and foundations of hypnosis are now available to you.