Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Basics of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is often a widely discussed field, some believe it to be a lie thanks to the many stage hypnotists, some are unsure and some believe in it. In general, hypnosis is a very simple practice of relaxing the mind and body until they enter into the alpha state. Once entered into the alpha state, they are in a altered state of conciousness, in other words they are conscious yet it is diffrent from regular consciousness. So what is it that is diffrent? well the diffrence is that the hypnotist is able to readily speak directly to the sub-conscious, bypassing the conscious. It is through this that the hypnotist is able to get the subject to do things when asked to do so. Hypnosis is realy a two stage process, the first stage involves relaxing the subject and the second stage involves giving the commands to the subject. Any good hypnotist doesnt directly say, your a chicken, act like one! They instead give vivid imagery and information to make it apart of the subjects reality, and thus hypnosis is accomplished.

Hypnosis has such a wide array of diffrent fields it can be applied to, although the most advanced field is known as clinical hypnosis. Through clinical hypnosis a person is able to undergo surgery without any anesthetics, they can overcome depression by being told to feel better and better with each passing day, it is a bit more complicated than described however the basic idea and foundations of hypnosis are now available to you.

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